Our Story

Thank you for visiting our website! We are Amy and Nigel the people behind Wooden U Like and we would love to share a little more about us and how an idea for a small side business has grown.

As a couple, early in our relationship we discussed starting a hobby-based business together and in October 2018 it became a reality that surpassed what we had imagined! Nigel was employed by a local bespoke joinery company in Abergavenny for 17 years. Over this time, he developed his knowledge and skills moving his way from an apprentice joiner to the company planning manager. Although Nigel enjoyed his job, he missed being hands on in the workshop and had always dreamed of running his own business. Amy worked as a full time registered adult nurse. Amy had always had a creative side and loved experimenting with interior décor and renovation projects. After a family bereavement in 2018, Amy needed a project – so the ‘nagging’ started and she convinced Nigel to teach her how to make a bath board...That’s how Wooden U Like Ltd was born.

Together we created a small range of bath boards, beer crates and spice racks which we sold on Etsy. Our rustic creations became very popular with customers and we were delighted to get daily orders for our handmade creations. In July 2019, the Wooden U Like Etsy store sales were thriving. Nigel decided to leave his job and take the next step to focus on building the business. We rented a small industrial unit and invested in machinery to continue to grow our range and to open our own joinery shop. Orders continued to increase each month and the workshop was a hive of activity. Amy reduced her hours working as a nurse to help Nigel. Even with this extra time, help from family and friends was often needed to meet dispatch deadlines– since then Amy’s mother and Nigel’s father has also joined the team.

Now, in 2021 Wooden U Like consists of two industrial units and a team of 8 staff based in Aberbeeg, South Wales. We are passionate about every item that we create and the happiness of the people that receive them. Our main priority has always been the quality of the products rather than the amount sold and as we grow, we continue to focus on the quality and craftsmanship of each of our handmade items. Our range of products has developed from small wooden gifts to a range of rustic wooden furniture and accessories and we are excited to share them with more people in the future. Our team continues to build on and expand the furniture range and we cannot wait to open a showroom for our local customers in the coming year.

Meet the team...

From left to right - Lauren, Rhi, Nicola, Amy, Nigel. Finley, Alan and Dave