Rustic Wooden Blanket Ladder

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      Rustic Wooden Blanket Ladder

      Pictured in Antique Gold, Rustic Oak, Grey Wash and Dark Oak 

      Our rustic wooden blanket ladders are handmade from excellent quality handpicked Redwood in our workshop based in South Wales. All the wood we use is FSC grade joinery timber that has been kiln dried to a moisture content found in most UK homes - this limits cracking and movement of the wood after assembly.

      Please note that placing wooden products near a heat source may encourage the wood to crack, bow or warp.


      Small – 90cm tall x 50cm wide with 2 rungs

      Medium – 120cm tall x 50cm wide with 3 rungs

      Large – 150cm tall x 50cm wide with 4 rungs

      Extra Large – 180cm tall x 50cm wide with 5 rungs


      Our items are made from hand sanded timber for a true rustic finish. You should expect to see all the natural characters of wood in your product - beautiful grain, splits/cracks/shakes, knots etc. There may also be sappy areas or saw markings present.


      Each of our items are finished by hand with locally sourced wax polish or tinted oil. The finish is worked into the wood to preserve and protect the wood as well as highlighting the individual grain.

      Wax polish - Rustic Pine, Rustic Oak, Rustic Dark, Rustic Walnut and White Wash

      Oil - Clear, Antique Gold, English Brown, Dark Oak, Grey Wash and Black Wash

      Please note due to screen resolution, colours may not appear true to form.

      Colour samples are available here


      Our ladders arrive at your door fully assembled and can be used as soon as they are unpacked.

      Please note that these items are intended for decoration only and have not been tested to weight bare.

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